Personal Training in Brighton & Hove

At the gym, park, beach or your place…

One Size Doesn’t Fit All…

That’s why I do detailed assessment and look closely at your needs and goals to tailor your program especially for you. I’m all about developing new, achievable and permanent habit change in the simplest way possible.

I’ll look at your exercise history, body type, lifestyle, food and hydration. I cater for everyone and also for those with back pain, pre-and post-natal needs and athletic performance-focused individuals.

I’m fully certified and insured and you can choose between TRX or traditional fitness, or a combination approach. 

Training during a pandemic

Safety is paramount during these uncertain times. You’ll need to disinfect your hands with the alcohol gel provided before, during and after your session. You’ll also need to bring your own yoga or exercise mat to avoid cross contamination. Masks will be optional for you, I will wear one throughout the session and keep 1m distance. Of course if you are felling even slightly unwell PLEASE STAY AT HOME!

Our TRX handles are made with antibacterial rubber, we’ll also disinfect them after every session for your own safety, along with any other equipment we use. I’ll remind you not to touch your face throughout the session. Because of the extra measure taken to protect you, Personal Training sessions have been reduced to 50 minutes for the foreseeable future. 

Can I start Personal Training during lockdown 2.0?

The good news is yes! (with strict conditions) The government guidelines stipulate that those who work in other peoples homes can continue to do so. I’ve worked with people in their homes for as long as I can remember doing bodyweight exercises and even TRX hooked over the back of a door. I’ll come masked and keep it on. They also stipulate you are able to exercise outdoors with one other person, so whether it be at your home, or in the park (weather depending), we have options to keep your fitness levels and mentality in tip top condition!

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